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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bra Band Project?

The Bra Band Project is a resource that aims to show what (correctly-fitted) bra sizes look like in “real life”. It seeks to be a useful tool to illustrate, through the submitted photos, the various shapes and body types that make up all the different bra sizes.

I'm not sure what my bra size is. How can I figure it out?

The best way to figure out your size is to first measure yourself, then get to trying on bras to refine what your best fit/style/shape is! You can also try out this good bra calculator, get a free email bra size consultation, or even schedule a free Skype fitting.

What are the guidelines for submitted photos?

You may be either clothed or in a bra in the photos (no nudity, please). Faces must be cropped out to preserve anonymity. If you're submitting a clothed picture, it's helpful to be wearing a top that shows your overall shape. It's most helpful to submit a waist-up picture; photos of just your chest area don't show much about your overall shape, and thus are not preferred.

It's best if the photo is taken from a slight angle (see here or here). Submitting both a front and a side view-photo can be helpful, as well.

Why does the site use UK sizing?

We assume that the majority of users of the site live in places where UK sizing is standard, or at least well-known. Many other sizing systems (such as US sizing) tend to be very limited and inconsistent. If you need help converting to UK sizing from another system (US, Australian, European), check out this handy link.

I wear [insert bra size here]. Can I submit a photo to the site?

Yes, all sizes may submit a photo! Simply click "Login to Submit a Photo" and follow the steps.

I am pregnant and/or have had a breast reduction/mastectomy/augmentation/other surgical procedure. Can I still submit an entry?

Of course! You may indicate pregnancy or any past surgeries in the comment box if you wish, but this is absolutely not necessary.

I submitted a photo, but I don't see it on the site. Why not?

If it's been several days since you submitted a photo and your submission is still not up on the site, it could be for one of several reasons:

  1. A moderator determined that (based on your picture and/or given measurements) you are not wearing your ideal bra size in the photo. Although there are a few exceptions, and close sister sizing is fine, we tend to be fairly careful about this as the point of the site is to demonstrate correct sizing.
  2. Your photo may not have been clear (blurry or difficult to see angle) or otherwise broke one of the listed guidelines (there was an additional person in the photo, nudity in the photo, etc).
  3. If you have submitted several pictures that all look very similar, a moderator may choose to approve only certain ones to avoid confusion and keep the site more streamlined.
  4. Your photo may not have gone through. Check under the “My Submitted Entries” tab after logging in. If you don't see it there, try submitting again.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

I'd rather not log in (or am having trouble logging in) to the site to submit a photo. Is there another way?

Yes, you may email us a submission at
Please include:

  • Your photo(s)
  • Your usual bra size (using UK sizing, or we can convert from a different sizing system if needed)

Optional, but helpful info:

  • Your age
  • The bra size worn in the photo
  • The brand (and style) of bra in the photo
  • Underbust/bust measurements

I wear a historically difficult-to-find and/or a custom bra size. Are there exceptions to the "properly fitted" rule?

Yes! Submissions from those who need a size not currently available on the market (or with very limited availability) are very welcome.
Some examples:

  • If you need a band size below 28, submitting a photo wearing the closest sister size possible is just fine (e.g. "26F wearing a 28E").
  • If you need a cup size above J, it's fine to submit the closest size you're able to find (e.g. a 34KK in a 34K; a 30L in an altered 34K).

In addition, since all brands and bras run a little different, it's generally just fine to submit a photo of you wearing a bra that's a sister size off from your “usual” if that bra fits well (e.g. a 28DD wearing 30D).

Click on the entry you wish to link to, then click “permalink” (towards the bottom). You can then copy the URL of that page to link to that specific entry.

How many photos can I upload?

Generally about 4 entries is a good upper limit, although if you have changed sizes and your entries represent a variety of sizes, this limit is flexible.

Can I edit or delete an entry after it's been uploaded?

Yes. Go to “My Submitted Entries” and edit. Once an entry has been edited, it will go back into the queue for moderator approval.

If you would like to delete an entry, you can edit the entry to say “I would like this entry removed from the site” in the comment box. The entry will then go back into the queue and a moderator will delete the entry. Or, you can email

Have a question not listed here?

Feel free to ask your own by sending it to